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Tips for Moms - To be !
Pregnancy is an important time of life as you are taking care of two important people. During pregnancy the hormonal balance is altered and the gums are more susceptible to diseases. Some expectant mother experience dental problems. These can be brought on by a variety of reasons and some of which can effect the well being of the baby as well. The things that might happen to the expectant mother that could directly affect her baby’s teeth
*If the mother gets fever from the virus or other infection (a common occurrence between the fifth and ninth month of pregnancy) the delicate balance of calcium and phosphorus salts in the blood stream could upset. This would affect the quality and quantity of the tooth structure that is forming in the foetus.`
*If the expectant mother gives birth before term, it is possible that the Childs teeth will be affected. Here is the evidence today that full tern children have fewer cavities. this is because those areas of the teeth that are mineralizing just around time of birth are the one s susceptible to decay.
*If the mothers physician gives antibiotic containing tetracycline. the development foetal teeth might become stained later when the teeth come into the mouth they will be discolored.
Visit your dentist before you become pregnant and during pregnancy to make sure your teeth and gums stay strong and healthy. Use a soft tooth brush and an antibacterial fluoride toothpaste. Eat a nutritious diet from a wide variety of food.
Increase your calcium intake, Avoid frequent snacks that contain sugar.
If you are pregnant or suspect that you are, it is important to tell your dentist when you visit. Because of x-rays and antibiotics risks. So here is no truth in the old wives tale that a tooth is lost for every pregnancy. If you ensure that you health teeth and gums during pregnancy
Tips for Moms - To be !
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