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Looking after your children’s teeth
Giving your children’s teeth a healthy start in life helps prevent problems occurring later on and so it is vital that good care is taken of the primary (milk) teeth. Even though they will be replaced by permanent teeth later on, they have an important role to play. Apart from the needless pain and disfigurement that decayed teeth can cause, early loss of primary teeth can lead to changes in the way the jaws bite together and the permanent teeth may come through in the wrong position.
When do the teeth come through?
There are twenty primary teeth, which usually start to appear at six months. The first to come through (erupt) are the lower front teeth. The remaining primary teeth come through over the next eighteen months. But there is much variation in the tuning of eruption of teeth and no need to worry if your child teeth take a little longer to appear. The lower incisors are the first permanent teeth to come through, followed by the first molars, when a child is six years old. First of all the front teeth will become loose and then fall out. Over the next five years each of the primary teeth will be replaced in turn by a permanent tooth. The timing will vary and parents should not worry if teeth if not erupt as expected. If you are concerned abut your children’s teeth, talk to your Pediatric Dentist who will be able to reassure you.
A child’s first visit to the dentist
Preparing properly can turn your child’s first visit to the dentist into a lot of fun! The earlier the first visit the better so that the child can get used to going to the dentist and so that the dentist can prevent problems occurring later on. Preventive visits will avoid your child developing a fear of attending which can happen if the first visit involves treatment. Don’t be embarrassed if your child does not co-operate – dentists and their staff are experienced in coping with the nervous children. Incidentally, if your child does not treatment there is so much your dentist can do to make it pain free.
Your dentist is always delighted when he or she can say that your child does not need any treatment. Everyone can have lovely teeth with a healthy smile but it does require combined and continuous effort by parents or guardians, children and your dentist. But it is well worth the effort. Both tooth decay (caries) and gum disease are caused by plaque, a sticky film of bacteria that forms on the surface of the teeth. Plaque works with the components of food and drink, mainly sugars, to form acid, which then attacks the enamel. It also causes gum disease, which starts with inflammation of the gums and signs of bleeding.
The prevention of dental disease aims to eliminate both dental caries and gum disease.
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Looking after your children’s teeth
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