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Although dental decay remains a common childhood problem, it is a preventable one. As it may sound achieving a zero cavity experience for children is possible no one can defy the value of early intervention in the prevention of the cavity .good dental habits begin early, and by caring for your baby’s mouth and teeth as early you can, you will help baby develop good dental habits one should actually begin cleaning the baby’s mouth with the first day of life. The easiest way to clean the mouths of infants is to lay them down with their head in your lap. Feet pointing away a small piece of gauze can be used to wipe over the ridge of the baby’s top and bottom jaws. Regular cleaning should begin even before your child’s teeth have erupted. The colonies of bacteria that form on the gum pads are the same as those that form on erupting teeth. By keeping the gum pads clean you can remove food residue you can reduce the oral bacteria and cut down on the acid produced. With less acid in the mouth the baby will have easier time teething: with lower bacteria count, the baby may have fewer colds during the first year. And the baby’s first teeth will arrive in a clean plaque free environment. The simple steps involved in cleaning infant’s mouth are part of foundations of early prevention. Clean your baby’s mouth this way twice a day-after breakfast and after the last meal in the evening. It should take about 2 minutes.
What you do during the first months will set the stage for what happens to your baby’s teeth for the rest of his life. The most important thing the parents can do to ensure their baby’s oral health is to mind their own oral hygiene.
Babies are not born with mouth full of cavity forming organism. Researchers have shown that tooth decay is contagious and oral bacteria are transferred from parent to baby during normal cuddling, kissing so baby’s sake as well as yours, do all you can to control the micro organism in your own mouth. Extra care should be take to minimize the spread of bacteria by not sharing cutlery and not bringing food and milk in contact with your mouth and getting into the habit of brushing twice daily and visiting the dentist regularly.
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