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Say Yes to Space Maintainers
What happens when a primary (baby) tooth is lost too early? The teeth on each side may begin to tip over into the space. The matching tooth in the opposite jaw, meeting no resistance, will grow longer. Drifting teeth cause the stresses of chewing to be distributed unevenly, which is not good for the supporting bones and gums. It’s a situation, in a few years, that may call for a full set of braces.
The primary teeth save the space for the permanent teeth. The 20 primary teeth are replaced by the 20 permanent teeth. The six year molars, twelve year molars and the wisdom teeth will erupt (come in) in the back of the jaw. The bone will begin to grow around 5 years of age to make room for these teeth. If a primary teeth is lost before the permanent tooth is ready to erupt, other teeth will drift or tip into the empty space. A lot of parents think that if baby teeth are going to fall out, there’s not a burning reason why they should spend money and time to maintain their health because those teeth are not important. It’s unfortunate, but that’s the attitude of a lot of parents. Yet such attitudes pave way to future troubles, “The primary or the baby teeth – really set the stage for the health of the mouth down the road”. For one thing, the baby teeth are kind of space maintainers for the permanent teeth as they come in. and if you loose the baby teeth pre-maturely, then sometimes the permanent teeth don’t have the space they need to come in and may block out the spot for the permanent tooth that replaces the primary tooth. A space maintainer can save your child’s smile.
They are specially designed to protect space for your child’s permanent teeth when baby teeth are pre-maturely lost. Primary teeth may be lost early because of decay, crowding, injury or improper eruption of the permanent teeth. Most space loss occurs after the loss of the tooth. This may continue over the next six weeks after the loss of the tooth. This may continue over the next six months. A space maintainer should be placed before this loss occurs. Early tooth loss may cause the permanent tooth to be delayed in its eruption or to erupt earlier than expected. Space maintainers are in inexpensive preventive measure for healthy dental development. Made of custom formed metal or plastic, the space maintainer fills the space vacated by a lost tooth until the permanent tooth is ready to come in. This treatment, sort of an insurance against braces, is affordable and much easier on your child than extensive procedures.
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