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Prevention of disease is certainly more enjoyable than waiting to treat problems as they occur. With your child's comfort a primary concern, our goal is to provide the very best dental care available.
Children are very precious and all children are different. In our clinic, every child is treated as if they were our own. Our goals are not only to perform dentistry, but also to prevent children from becoming afraid of the dentist and to achieve a zero cavity experience for children.
The Tooth Fairy ensures that our patients are so comfortable that they don't want to leave and can't wait to come back! We have created an ambience where your children will feel at ease and learn all about dental care from their friendly neighborhood Dentist Uncle. The experience is that of fun, games, and of course, great dental health.
  Our Services
Preventive dental care
Dental care for children with special needs
Fluoride treatment
Restorative dental care
Treatment of dental injuries
Pediatric oral surgery
Space maintenance
Preventive orthodontics
Cosmetic dentistry
Anesthesia for children's dentistry
Diet counseling
Custom athletic mouth guard
Sterilization standards
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