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  The dental practitioner's choice of words, style of communication, way of talking to children, profoundly affects their attitudes, behavioral responses, and reactions to the dental experience.
  DENTAL TALK is a course designed to help the dental practitioner manage the behavior of children. It provides the clinician with verbal skills that prevent behavior problems from occurring . This course presents language strategies and ways of communication with young patients that create a culture of trust, accountability, and cooperation How the dental health professional communicates with young patients influences the children's actions as well as the outcomes which follow. By carefully choosing words and a style of speaking, the dental practitioner can help children become more relaxed, cooperative, and supportive of the job they need to do.
  DENTAL TALK teaches a series of verbal skills and language patterns that will reduce stress, cut down on negative behaviors from young patients, and enable the dental practitioner to accomplish what needs to be done with a minumum of hassles, frustrations, and power struggles.
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  10am 6pm each day. Price includes lunch and refreshments.
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