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1st march, Navi Mumbai Plus (Times of India)
"The Tooth Fairy"
'Dentist Uncle' Dr. Anup Kumar Panda is arguably the most popular Pediatric Dentist in navi Mumbai. While most children are scared of Dentists, the toddlers and adolescents, who visit Dr. Panda's three-and-half year old clinic, The Tooth Fairy, in Vashi, which is considered to be the first dental clinic in Navi Mumbai, are absolutely comfortable with him, which comes as no surprise, considering the fact that Dr. Panda is less of a Doctor and more of a friendly Uncle to them.
Uncle speak: 'I don;t behave like a regular doctor with the kids. With them, I become one of them..., a little wacky and nuaghty!" says Dr. Panda. "I think that is the reason they like me so much!" he adds.
And, contrary to popular perception, the dentist believes that it's not the children who are afraid of dentist, bot the other way around. "I firmly believe that it's the dentists who are scared of children, and vice versa. After all, children can be quite difficult to handle. They kick, they puke and bite too" elaborates Dr. Panda.
Kids verdict: It's not just the doctor, but the clinic itself that's Zara hatke! " When you walk into the clinic, you feel as if you've entered a colourful playschool or toy store," says nine-year-old Nandita Sharma. "Dentist Uncle is very friendly and playful, unlike most other doctors" she offers.
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